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City SafetyTM is a support system designed to help the driver avoid low speed collisions when driving in slow-moving, stop-and-go-traffic. 

City SafetyTM is not active if your vehicle's speed is below approximately 2 mph (4 km/h).  This means that City SafetyTM will not react if your vehicle approaches another vehicle at very low speed, for example, when parking.

The function is active at speeds ranging from approximately 2-18 mph (4-30 km/h) and assists the driver by applying the brakes automatically, thereby avoiding or helping to reduce the effects of a collision.

City SafetyTM is designed to intervene as late as possible to help avoid unnecessary activation.

City SafetyTM triggers brief, forceful braking if a low-speed collision is imminent.  However, the system will not intervene in situations where the driver actively steers the vehicle or applies the brakes, even if a collision cannot be avoided.  This is done in order to always give the driver's actions highest priority.

City SafetyTM activates in situations where the driver has not applied the brakes in time, which means that the system cannot help the driver in all situations.

City SafetyTM should not be used to alter the way in which the driver operates the vehicle. The driver should never rely solely on this system to safely stop the vehicle.

Normally, the occupants of the vehicle will not be aware of City SafetyTM except when the system intervenes when a low-speed collision is imminent.

If the vehicle is also equipped with optional Collision Warning with Auto-brake system, the two systems interact.

Other City SafetyTM information:

City SafetyTM is a supplemental aid to the driver.  It can never replace the driver's attention to traffic conditions or his/her responsibility for operating the vehicle in a safe manner. 
City SafetyTM does not function in all driving situations or in all traffic, weather or road conditions. 
City SafetyTM only reacts to vehicles traveling in the same direction as your vehicle and does not react to small vehicles, bicycles or motorcycles or to people or animals. 
City SafetyTM is not activated when your vehicle is backing up.
City SafetyTM functions at speeds up to 18 mph (30 km/h).  This system can help prevent a collision if the difference in speed between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead is less than 9 mph (15 km/h). If the difference in speed is greater, a collision cannot be avoided but the speed at which the collision occurs can be reduced.  The driver must apply the vehicle's brakes for full braking effect.
Never wait for City SafetyTM to intervene in a potential collision situation. The driver is always responsible for maintaining a safe distance to the vehicle ahead.

This list in not comprehensive, but identifies common situations where City SafetyTM does not operate.

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