The Volvo Lineup

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Today’s Volvo lineup brings you sedans, wagons and SUVs. Luxury meets technology and cutting-edge engineering in every edition. A variety of styles and colors make it possible to match your personality to the right Volvo. In these model reviews, you’ll learn more about trim levels, engine choices, and tech features.

Crossovers and SUVs

Volvo makes it easy to recognize its SUVs by giving them the XC designation. The XC60 is designed to provide that happy medium between too small and too large. In other words, most families will find it is just right for their needs. If your family requires more than five seats regularly, the XC90 has been updated with your needs in mind. Volvo provides performance engines sure to please the family driver. Front power chairs with heat and ventilation can relieve parental stress. Smart dash tech entertains the crowd. Automated crash avoidance systems can reduce the chances of an accident. The XC60 and XC90 also offer all-wheel drive for your all-weather needs.

Classic Wagons

Wagons are noted with a V, which probably stands for versatile. Volvo has been known for its family-friendly wagons for many generations. The newest ones have reinvented this classic for a more demanding consumer class. Style is emphasized. Sleekness is a must. Interior versatility allows families to match seating and hauling capability to their immediate needs. Among Volvo’s most affordable models, the V40 comes with the characteristics you’d expect from the brand. It handles well, performs admirably, rides quietly, and comforts expertly. Providing a bigger cabin, V60 models are in a sweet spot in between the smaller V40 and bigger V90. The V90 will remind you why wagons were once the favorite of families everywhere. An extra pair of seats provides parents with more room for the daily carpool. The V40 Cross Country, V60 Cross Country, and V90 Cross Country may be the answer for those who face weather challenges regularly. Shoppers can get the luxury they want, the space they need, and extra traction for the most difficult road surfaces.

Volvo Sedans

If you haven’t driven a Volvo sedan lately, you are due for a treat. Whether you tend toward the midsize S60 or the large S90, you’ll find that innovation has stretched the cabins and slimmed the exteriors. Library quiet adds to the overall luxury ambiance when you are on the road. Smooth ride quality keeps the bounce out of the back seat. Luxury-crafted cabins provide soft touches on the dash and doors to complement rich leathers on the seats. You can get Volvo’s exceptional all-wheel drivetrain on its Cross Country car models as well. A state-of-the-art touch system puts entertainment in easy reach of your fingertips or voice, and safety systems watch the front, sides and back to help the driver stay out of harm’s way. Built for those who love to drive, there’s plenty of horsepower under the hood. Taut, responsive steering is matched to flexible, protective suspensions. Volvo engineers and designers have worked together closely to achieve a well-rounded, high quality product.

With so many choices, a Volvo should be the first car on your must-test drive list. Check out the large selection at Momentum Volvo.