Drive with Confidence in the Volvo XC90

Driving should never be a stressful experience, and the Volvo XC90 ensures that it isn't. Drivers will enjoy how easy it is to get around, or how simple it is to drive through Houston, with all of the XC90's new safety features.

One of the key safety features in the Volvo XC90 is its daytime running lights. These lights ensure that the SUV is always visible to other drivers, particularly during dusk and dawn, when coming around corners, or in stormy weather. In addition, the XC90 features LED fog lights that cut through even the worst weather conditions, making it simple for drivers to get where they need to go. These fog lights also feature a cornering function, so curves are illuminated and drivers can navigate safely.

Experience all of the safety features the Volvo XC90 has by visiting us at Momentum Volvo Cars and taking one of the SUVs for a test drive.


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