As a general rule, you should replace your windshield wiper blades every six to 12 months. Our Momentum Volvo Cars service department recommends getting this service done either before cold weather sets in after cold-weather departs or in conjunction with your routine oil change and tire rotations.

Why Wiper Blades Fail

Wiper blades live on your car's exterior and take a pounding from the weather, even good weather. Both cold and hot can compromise wiper blades. So can debris, moisture, oils, and ultraviolet light. Common ailments of windshield wiper blades include erosion, breakage, bending, and hardening.

Signs of Failing Wiper Blades

Fortunately, wiper blades give off many audible and visible signs when they begin to fail. A squeaking sound as well as streaks and skipping patterns on your windshield are all signs that wiper blades aren't making efficient contact with your windshield.

Have your windshield wiper blades replaced at our Houston, TX dealership service department. Schedule an appointment today.

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