The S60 R-Design is a popular AWD sports sedan that's built to stun. You take one look at it, and you know that you're about to experience a luxury unlike any other vehicle in the world. It's not just a leather interior. It's a Nappa leather/Open grid textile material with seats contoured directly to the shape of your body. Momentum Volvo Cars knows this is a vehicle customers will want to get their hands on.

It begins with the distinct exterior design setting the scene. On the outside, there are Gloss black inserts for the front, lower and outer grilles that set the tone for what the rest of the vehicle will look like.

Not only is the R-Design comfortable, but you'll find that it's stiff, low suspension, designed specifically like this, has a more rigid grip on the road, a lifeline and source of exhilaration as you drive. Stop by and test drive it today.



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