An SUV is great for adventures in the mountains, driving around the beach, or gathering groceries for many people. We at Momentum Volvo Cars in Houston, TX think some of the best reasons to buy an SUV are also some of the simplest. You can enjoy features like the height of the vehicle or the amount of cargo space.

Passengers and Cargo

An SUV offers the ability to transport people and/or items better than any other vehicle. You can get an SUV with third-row seating, so everyone can travel in one vehicle. Usually, the third-row seat folds down giving you plenty of space for cargo or pets.

Pulling Things

An SUV is able to tow more than a car. If you have a boat or travel trailer, many SUVs can handle the load like a truck. Check your manual to see how many lbs. your SUV can tow safely. The ability to have enough space in an SUV and tow what you need for an adventure trip behind makes an SUV a great option for those who love to travel.

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