Passive Safety Design of the Volvo S60 Inscription

The Volvo S60 Inscription is the type of luxury sedan that exceeds standard expectations. Selling new cars to clients in Houston, Momentum Volvo Cars has this full-size imported model available in the T5, T6 and T8 editions, which all come standard with class-leading amenities.

An inflatable curtain is installed in this premium Volvo sedan. Using sensors to detect side, rear and frontal collisions, the curtain protects the driver's head from direct contact with the glass window. This high-end car also has seats that are optimized to mitigate whiplash, a common injury that occurs during a sudden stop on the road. The steering wheel automatically collapses in response to an intense crash. Additionally, the cabin has a unique design that absorbs a significant amount of energy from a harsh impact with other moving cars or stationary obstacles. All occupants in the S60 Inscription get reliable protection from side air bags that deploy during an accident.



Categories: New Inventory
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