Sophisticated Wooden Accents in the Volvo V90

Nothing says elegance quite like real wood trim. The Volvo V90 is a popular luxury wagon that's filled with high-quality materials and beautiful design elements. You can get the wagon at Momentum Volvo Cars in Houston, TX with three different types of wooden cabin inlays.

The first is Black Walnut. It's a textured wood that's finished to retain all of its unique grain patterns. Each piece of wood is hand-selected. During the manufacturing process, two pieces of veneer are cut so that they can be combined to create a cohesive grain pattern. Next up is Dark Flame Birch. It features wavy flame-like grain patterns. The material is finished with a glossy clear coat for lasting protection and beauty.

Finally, there's Linear Walnut. This material has a deep mocha-brown color. What makes it unique is that the wood pieces feature a stitch-like pattern. Deep lines intersect across the wood panel, giving the inlays an interesting texture and look.

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