Why Obey Slow Down and Move Over Laws?

Over 200 roadside workers lose their lives every year. More than 150 police officers have died since 1997. Why? Because there are people that are not observing the Slow Down and Move Over laws of the U.S. These laws are in all 50 states and yet 71 percent of the people, based on recent studies, have not even heard of them.

We here at Momentum Volvo in Houston are helping to bring awareness to these laws. The Slow Down and Move Over law states that if there are any roadside workers, emergency personnel, or any vehicle pulled over with their lights on, then other drivers passing them need to slow down 10 to 20 miles per hour below the speed limit and move over to a further lane, if at all possible. These laws are put in place to help save lives, and when they are not followed, lives are at risk. Drive safely and obey all traffic laws.

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