Make Sure To Use Oil With The Right Viscosity

Although all cars and trucks require motor oil, all motor oil isn't the same. Different vehicles and engines perform differently which requires oil with a specific viscosity rating to perform as manufacturers have designed them to. To ensure that your vehicle has the right oil, understanding oil viscosity ratings is helpful.

Viscosity measures how an oil resist flow. Low viscosities are ideal for cold temperatures, while high viscosities are better suited for higher temperatures. In the example 10W-30, 10 is the viscosity when the oil is cold and 30 is the viscosity when the oil is hot. As you can see, engine oil works in a delicate balance. Having the wrong type can caused damage to your vehicle over time.

To ensure that your vehicle is serviced with oil of the right viscosity, come visit us at Momentum Volvo Cars in Houston, TX. We will get your oil changed and answer any further questions about oil viscosity that you may have.

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