How to Handle a Flat Tire

Flat tires can inconvenience you, but you can handle them and get back on track! Just follow our tips.

If your tire goes flat during a drive, carefully find a safe place to stop. Do not stop in traffic. Seek a breakdown lane or a parking lot. Turn on your flashers, shut off the engine and engage your emergency brake. Once you exit the car, find a heavy rock to block a tire opposite from the side you will need to raise. Find your jack, tools and spare tire. Before you raise the car, loosen the wheel's nuts with your lug wrench. After you raise the car, spin the nuts by hand, switch tires and replace the nuts. Upon lowering the car, fully tighten the nuts.

When you are safely back on the road, feel free to visit us at Momentum Volvo Cars. Our pros can check your spare, fix your flat, help you discover a fresh set of new tires, and answer any question.

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