Sonic Automotive Group and Momentum Volvo Cars is Here to Help

When news broke that Houston was dealing with some of the worst flooding in recent history the country responding by sending members of the community plenty of thoughts and love. Now, almost two weeks later and the communities are still dealing with the incredible losses suffered during Hurricane Harvey. Now, our staff here at Momentum Volvo Cars in Houston, TX and our parent company Sonic Automotive Group are working to help rebuild.

This cause is one that is near and dear to our heart and our executive vice president Jeff Dyke, a Houston-native, took it upon himself to travel to Houston with clothes, food, shoes, water, and many other supplies and boat to help more than 100 Sonic Automotive Group employees. This action shows a high level of care and concern for people and that is something that has been carried over to the rest of the company. At the Audi Central Houston dealership the staff members there held a hugely successful supply drive to help members of this community who were affected by this devastation get back on their feet.

Hurrican Harvey was by far one of the most horrendous natural disasters to hit U.S. soil in years, but over the last few weeks we have become more impressed by the thoughtfulness, heart, and drive to continue to get better and stronger. We here hope everyone can continue to build and stay safe. We hope to see everyone soon again!

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