Understand the True and Total Cost of a New Volvo Model

The total cost of ownership of any vehicle can add up quickly. That's why it's important to consider every single cost associated with your new purchase. Our sales department at Momentum Volvo wants you to meet your monthly budget. By planning for the costs associated with the total cost of ownership, you can enjoy the long-term success of your vehicle.

Monthly Car Payment

You probably need an auto loan. This auto loan will be divided into monthly payments. Many people only consider this as the cost of ownership. It's a large portion. It certainly isn't the entire cost.


Your insurance on your vehicle is a huge cost to consider. The cost will be based on factors like your age, credit and driving history. You might get discounts when it is combined with other policies.


You'll need to put gas in your vehicle each month. You want to always consider this cost as part of the equation.

Regular Maintenance

Every vehicle needs regular care. It's good to also factor in your regular maintenance like your oil change.


You'll have to pay for license plates. There are always fees associated with each vehicle per your state.

Your overall cost of ownership could add up. This just means your selection needs to be based on these numbers rather than just a monthly payment. It helps you meet your budget. You can set up a time to meet with our sales department at 10150 Southwest Freeway. We can always help you come up with the overall cost of ownership for any vehicle.

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