What is Horsepower?

It is important to consider horsepower before making your vehicle purchase, but what does it mean? Chances are that you've heard about horsepower a million times and have probably even talked about it at some point. Just because the word has become a part of our everyday language doesn't mean that we know the meaning of it or where it got its start.

In the eighteenth century, horses were commonly used as laborers in several different industries, including the coal mines. James Watt, an engineer who developed a new steam engine, was eager to prove that his newest engine was just as mighty and useful as horses. He studied horses as they worked in the coal mines. Watt concluded that a horse could move 33,000 pounds one foot in a minute. He decided to call this unit of measurement a horsepower. He used this information to market his new engine.

Today, we still use the term to discuss the power of an engine. While most modern people don't have the same understanding of the power of an actual horse as their eighteenth-century counterparts, we still use the term to compare one engine to another. To learn more about horsepower, visit Momentum Volvo right here in Houston, Texas.

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